Kosfest 2016 report

Kosfest festival at Uffculme Devon, U.K., last week end ( 07/29 to 07/31 ), was the perfect place for Phaselock to perform its first gig in almost four years. What a great return! We had a very nice time on stage, great performance and a great sound to boot!
The public gaves us a warm support and we had a lot of great comments; me and Bob Hedger are very happy and thankful about how everything worked.

We also played with Al Stroke’s Trolley Men; Al Strokes on vocals, Mike Howlett on bass, Michael Orloff on drums, Bob on synths / hardware electronica / glissando guitar, and myself on guitar.
The set was just crazy, no possibility for rehearsing before, so we did it the good old way: let’s play and see what happens!

I’ve also met a lot of great people and new friends! 🙂

Here’s a little teaser of the Phaselock set:

And some pics, Phaselock:

Jay Cantebrigge 1 Kosfest 16
Photo: Jay Cantebrigge

Kathy Mulraney.Kosfest 16jpg
Photo: Kathy Mulraney

Jay Cantebrigge 3 Kosfest 16
Photo: Jay Cantebrigge

The Trolley Men:

Basil Brooks 1 Kosfest 16
Photo: Basil Brooks

Chilling out in Kosfest grass with Del Bartle , before our jam session:

Alan Dearling 1 Kosfest 16
Photo: Alan Dearling

I really hope to do this again next year, and more before that!

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