I Know I’m late, but !

2018 has been a very busy year.

I met a great person and singer, Madame Carla Diratz; we have been working on some recording sessions, improvised music over prepared material and some times just pure improvisation.
We recorded 10 tracks, 8 of them will be released circa end of February 2019 in a LP vinyl album. All the 10 tracks will be avalaible in a digital album on Bandcamp ( and maybe in a C.D. release, we will see… ). I spent trhee months to do the mixing, doing it smooth, true, and right.
The album mastering was wonderfully done by Paul Chivers at HMVS in London in September, we had a great time doing it ! Paul is THE man if you need a real pro sound engineer, and a top musician as well.

Just don’t miss the album ! Really !!!

Also a lot of work on my music, searching and finding new ideas, new material will be recorded soon.

Some work with D’JoVal as well, a french project with whom we started the year by a nice gig at ‘La Dame De Canton’ here in Paris.
French musette music, with manouche influence, chansons, and some modern stuff included, more to come… Voulez-vous dancer ? 😉

And, of course, some Phaselock action coming ! 🙂

Have a nice year 2019 !

PS: Oh, and I’ve just released a new album on Bancamp !
Check it out !!!


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