I Know I’m late, but !

2018 has been a very busy year.

I met a great person and singer, Madame Carla Diratz; we have been working on some recording sessions, improvised music over prepared material and some times just pure improvisation.
We recorded 10 tracks, 8 of them will be released circa end of February 2019 in a LP vinyl album. All the 10 tracks will be avalaible in a digital album on Bandcamp ( and maybe in a C.D. release, we will see… ). I spent trhee months to do the mixing, doing it smooth, true, and right.
The album mastering was wonderfully done by Paul Chivers at HMVS in London in September, we had a great time doing it ! Paul is THE man if you need a real pro sound engineer, and a top musician as well.

Just don’t miss the album ! Really !!!

Also a lot of work on my music, searching and finding new ideas, new material will be recorded soon.

Some work with D’JoVal as well, a french project with whom we started the year by a nice gig at ‘La Dame De Canton’ here in Paris.
French musette music, with manouche influence, chansons, and some modern stuff included, more to come… Voulez-vous dancer ? 😉

And, of course, some Phaselock action coming ! 🙂

Have a nice year 2019 !

PS: Oh, and I’ve just released a new album on Bancamp !
Check it out !!!


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Phaselock Live, 2 Décembre à Londres

Le prochain concert de Phaselock (Bob Hedger et moi-même) aura lieu à Londres U.K.,

le 2 Décembre 2017, en compagnie de nos amis de Nukli.

Ça se passera à Biddle Bros, 88 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, E5 0QR.


Next Phaselock gig (Bob Hedger and myself) will be in London U.K.,

2nd of December 2017, with our good friends from Nukli.

@ Biddle Bros, 88 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, E5 0QR.



BBROS Affiche 2017

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Some Pascal Vaucel solo actions soon, more to come!


Phaselock live at ‘La Pointe Lafayete’, Paris. July 14 / 2017 ( canceled)

Phaselock live at Kosfest Festival, Nr Uffculme, Devon. Friday July 28 – Sunday July 30 / 2017

Phaselock live at Blind Cat Festival, Cabourne Parva Caister lincolnshire UK. August 11th, 12th, 13th / 2017

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Project 6’27 » by Mauro Sambo.

I recently had the pleasure to collaborate on Mauro Sambo’s ‘Project 6’27″‘, it was a very nice experience as his artistic universe is quiet big, broad and deep.

You can check what it’s all about by following this link : http://project627.altervista.org/pascal-vaucel.html

The music: https://soundcloud.com/project-627/project-627-pascal-vaucel-mauro-sambo

And more of his work here: http://cargocollective.com/ossido

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Les Volets Rouges, by Pascal Vaucel.

‘Les Volets Rouges’

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New tune, ‘Free Bird’, by Pascal Vaucel

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Phaselock @ Biddle Bros 26th November 2016 Video

pic: John Duddley

Here’s a video of some of Phaselock’s 11/26/16 set, at Biddle Bros, London.
We shared the show with the amazing Nukli, it was a really cool and warm little place to play, lots of great and happy people, great vibe!

Many thanks to Nukli (Mark Huxley, Kev Hegan and Peter Out) for giving us the gig opportunity. And Many thanks to Peter Out for the video!

Phaselock will be releasing very soon an album the whole live set, stay tuned!

video: Peter Out

pic: Del Bartle

pic: Kev Hegan

pic: William Fast

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New Tune! ‘Vers Le Haut’


‘Vers Le Haut’  Pascal Vaucel

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Nouveau Jour

Orange, purple and pink lights, slowly lighting up a deep blue new day sky…

« Nouveau Jour »


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Work of the day

Improvisation of the day. ‘Next Step’


Next Step

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